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Preface in de catalogue 'Siebe Hansma, een overzicht'

The relationship of Siebe Hansma's work with the geometrically abstract art, wich was of
such great importance in the sixties and the seventies, is undeniable. Ever since he
attended art school (1971 -1975), the language of geometrically abstract images has
fascinated Siebe Hansma intensely.
His sculptures are consequently constructed according to certain systematic principles,
which is characteristic of all his work.

Balance and equilibrium, which he admires in ballet dancers, are the two essential themes
in his work. To him equilibrium is the mathematical part, the calculable part, for the parts
of his sculptures are always equal in dimensions or volume.
The self -imposed limitations are to the artist a sort of conjuration of arbitrariness.
Balance on the other hand is the physical, more casual side of the sculptures, an aspect
which has become increasingly important in his more recent work.
Siebe Hansma deals with the material in such a way that a balance is reached which
looks vulnerable and fragile.

The sculptures are like clippings, cut from paper or carton with scissors; they are thin and
It is if we are dealing here with a cautious approaching and touching, or a kind of eroticism
comparable to the fantastic 'equilibrium' in the lovemaking of insects.

Stan Petrusa, 1999

Drs. Stan Petrusa, director Stedelijk Museum, Kampen
1997 - 2002 Contemporary art curator, Stedelijk Museum, Zwolle